Hung Chia Industry Co.--Floor drains, drainage guards, drain push rods, drain sinks, bathroom fittings

Since its inception in 1994, Hung Chia Industry Co. has been dedicated to making and developing bathroom fittings for nearly two decades.

Backed by seasoned know-how of mold development and metalworking, the company supplies a variety of floor drains, drainage guards, drain push rods, drain sinks, hook racks, stainless steel knife holders. Some of the products have been patented in different countries for improved functionality and quality.

The 14cm×14cm and 10cm×20cm floor drains are Hong Jia's newest products, both of which are built with the company's cutting-edge drainage guards for better drainage efficiency, with the drainage guard also proven effective to keep sewage gas and flies inside the pipes away from the bathroom. Plus, the market-driven company has also launched a new 10cm×10cm floor drain, which is bronze-coated for value-added exterior, with the chroma variable. (SC)

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